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Episode 3 - Purnell Graduation

All high school graduations are special....but some are more special than others. Commencements are particularly meaningful and significant when the students have struggled greatly in their high school careers. For those kids, the commencement ceremony is truly a victory......for them, their families and their teachers. 
Last month, I was honored to deliver the Graduation Address at the Purnell School in New Jersey. This renowned program serves girls who -- for one reason or another -- have experienced academic difficulty in high school. Purnell supplies these girls with a safe harbor where they can develop their unique skills, make lifelong friends and prepare for the challenges of college. Like many schools with similar missions, Purnell is in the "self-esteem business". By establishing and maintaining a balance of "support and challenge", these girls gain the confidence and competence. The graduation ceremony clearly reflected this. 
In this episode, I share that special day with you. Please join me. 

Episode 2 - Clara, Fabrizio and the Musical IEP

As I travel about on trains, boats and planes I often get involved in conversations with folks. When I tell them how I make my living, we generally have a pretty detailed conversation about kids with special needs because - it seems - EVERYBODY has a son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandchild, cousin or neighbor who is struggling in school. It is often disappointing to hear how ill-informed "the man in the street" is about Learning and Attentional problems. Misconceptions and misinformation abound.

This is largely due to the irresponsible job that our media and entertainment industries often does in educating the public about these issues. However, Janet and I recently attended a play in New York City that really "got it right "! Join us for Clara, Fabrizio and the Musical IEP.

Episode 1 - ...a new year, a new feature

For the past 30+ years, I have worked at residential schools for kids with special needs. This experience allowed me to have a "laboratory" wherein I could observe these kids on a 24-hour basis and monitor their academic and social lives. Over these decades I have developed countless field-tested strategies and methods to assist these special kids with their daily struggles. At this point in my career, my personal and professional mission is to share what I have learned with parents and professionals throughout the country. Since 2001, I have delivered seminars and provided consulting services in 25 states, New Zealand, Canada and Hong Kong. I am greatly enjoying my travels and I have discovered something wonder-filled since I began these journeys... I am LEARNING as much as I am TEACHING! I constantly cross paths with extraordinary parents, professionals and pupils. There are some wonderful people and programs out there designed and dedicated to serve "our kids". So often -- as I fly back home from my latest engagement -- I wish that I could share their stories with all of you. Well, thanks to the latest Podcast technology, now I CAN !! On a regular basis I will share with you the stories of these kids... and the adults whose devoted efforts are helping them reach their fullest potential. You may never have the pleasure and the privilege to meet these folks but you should get to know them. They will inform and inspire you as they have informed and inspired me. Join me on my travels. Email me with your comments. We will learn much from each other.